Teamwork makes the dream work

About Us

When I, Salam Hassanin, had the idea of founding TOP Concierge in 2018, I could already draw on my many years of international experience in the 5-star hotel industry. My idea was that not only hotel guests and tourists should be able to enjoy concierge services. My offer is aimed at visitors to Vienna who come to the city for a short time, as well as at private individuals who live in Vienna and need short-term support in organising tickets or other little things in everyday life. In recent years, together with my team, I have not only been able to fulfil many of my clients’ wishes, but also actively assist them in lifestyle management. Together with my team at TOP Concierge, I now look after numerous clients, both at home and abroad

TOP Concierge offers concierge services, personal assistance and lifestyle management in Vienna and the surrounding area.