Personal Concierge

Whether you need temporary support with professional tasks or want to delegate private errands, we are at your side to bring more quality time into your everyday life.

Courier services

Especially in hectic times, every helping hand counts. We take care of small courier services for you, saving you precious time.

Personal Concierge TOP Concierge
Personal Concierge TOP Concierge

Around the house

You want your home to be well looked after while you are away on business or on holiday. We at TOP Concierge will take care of your home, water your plants, organise a cleaning specialist before your return or make sure everything is in good order. Our service is also aimed at our four-legged friends who need to be well looked after during their master’s or mistress’s absence.

Contact for services of all kinds

Good craftsmen are worth their weight in gold! We take over the search for the optimal partner for your project at home. That way, you don’t have to fight your way through the jungle of companies.

Personal Concierge TOP Concierge
Personal Concierge TOP Concierge

Leisure activities

Whether culinary, cultural or entertainment, we support you in the search and selection of a special location, coordinate your wishes and organise everything for your event according to your requirements. We are also happy to organise your tickets for theatre, opera, musical or cinema.

Personal Shopping

If you would like supportive company in your native language while shopping, we will be happy to accompany you as interpreters and ensure that your shopping experience is relaxed and successful.

Personal Concierge TOP Concierge
Personal Concierge TOP Concierge

Bespoke Personal Assistance

Nothing is impossible for us! Of course, we are happy to respond to your specific request and put together a customised offer.

Taxi and limousine service

Book your taxi or limousine directly with us. We guarantee the best service.

Personal Concierge TOP Concierge

Additional services for Vienna and the surrounding area

Getting groceries

Your diary is packed, but your fridge is empty? We’ll make sure you always have enough to eat at home, even if you have an unexpected visitor.

Arranging catering services

If you are planning a private dinner or event and are still looking for the right catering service, we are your ideal contact. Your guests are sure to be impressed.

Pet care

Your trusted four-legged friends will also be well looked after until you are able to be reunited.

Private butlers and babysitting

We are happy to arrange reliable nannies and babysitters if you and your significant other would like to spend an evening together again.

Car cleaning

We take care of your car when you need cleaning or organise minor repairs for you at the workshop of your choice.

Event planning & organisation

TOP Concierge supports you in the planning and realisation of your most special occasions. Thanks to our years of experience in the event management sector, we are able to fulfil the wishes of our clients and create an unforgettable evening.